Top 10 Best Roti Makers In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

We all enjoy a nice warm roti served with huge chunks of butter or with a lavish spoon of ghee. Almost every Indian household enjoys their roti’s or some call them chapati’s for any time of the meal, be it for breakfast or lunch or dinner. The roti’s comes handy when you have less time or when you need a good dish to go with the spicy gravy’s you prepare or just to enjoy a quick breakfast roll. To make it simple, the dishes and recipes that you can prepare with roti’s are endless. We all like our roti’s while at the same time a nice fluffy proper round shaped roti’s never fails to impress us. People usually take pains in perfecting round roti’s. But instead of spending time in making round roti’s , we can try the best roti maker. It saves time and result in tasty fluffy roti’s.

It is one of the most useful kitchen appliance!. Trust me. But due to the fact, people do not know, how to make perfect roti’s using roti maker they end up making cracked and hard roti’s. That results in underrated appliance reviews. You don’t want to do that!. We teach you how to make perfect roti using this appliance in our buying it. Do watch it,  before you buy the roti maker.



The premium quality food grade kitchen appliances always make the consumers happy for their money’s worth. The new range of Prestige PRM 5.0 Roti maker is no exception and comes with a neat demo CD.  The Multipurpose PRM 5.0 is not only for making Roti’s but also helps with preparing omelette, pancakes, Thepla, Uthappam and more dishes easily.  The advanced granite spatter coated surface of the PRM 5.0 Roti maker offers you long lasting, non-sticky performance with high durability. The unique concave shaped curved base with elevated edges ensures that the roti stays in the centre and makes the flipping easy. It also helps you greatly when you are preparing omelette or pancakes because it makes sure the ingredients doesn’t fall off or gets leaked out or wasted and it helps to keep the ingredients intact. Power indicators, adjustable temperature control knob are designed to reduce the user’s work. The PRM 5.0, the prestige roti maker is designed with durable stainless-steel body which makes the device strong, shock-resistant, tough and extremely safe to handle and use.  On the whole, with an affordable price range, the Prestige Multipurpose PRM 5.0 electric roti maker is a top choice when it comes to a good roti maker for your kitchen.

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 Check Prize On FlipkartModelPRM 5.0ColorSilverTawa Size20 cmPurposeMulti-UtilityPower230 VWarranty1 Year


  • Multi-purpose design. So can do omelette, Pancakes, Thepla, and Uthappam
  • Durable Stainless-steel Body with Shock-proof
  • Adjustable Temperature control knobs
  • Granite non-stick coated surfaces
  • Unique concave curved surface with elevated edges ( for ease of use)
  • Power indicators – Red light indicates the roti maker is switched on and green light indicates that the base is on heating mode. When the light goes off, it becomes ready to use.


The Bajaj VACCO Go-Ezzee C-02 is an automatic roti maker with an automatic cut-off feature that helps in bringing out a nice fluffy and light roti’s/chapati’s. Apart from roti , it is also used for making the papads, Khakhras, Parothas. It comes with compact east-to-handle model and helps to make as perfectly round and fluffy roti’s in no time. The high utility press handle comes in handy which perfectly  presses both the plates together and the upper-lifting handle with a knob is available to lift the top plate (tawa) while the roti’s/chapathi’s are prepared. The Bajaj “GO-Ezzee” VACCO C-02 comes with supreme quality food grade non-stick coated plates which ensure that the dough moves freely without sticking. This stainless steel is specially designed to be rust-free, high durability and shock-resistance.  On the whole, the Bajaj VACCO C-02 is a compact model of roti-maker that use could consider for your kitchen.

 Check Prize On FlipkartModelVacco Go Ezzee C-02ColorSilverTawa Size20.26 cmPurposeMulti-UtilityPower230 to 240 VWarranty1 Year


  • High quality Gauge stainless-steel body
  • Shock-proof housing for safety
  • Power-ON Indicator for ease of use
  • Auto Cut-off along with indicator light


The Sunflame RM1 roti maker is a compact and yet very functional roti maker that comes with lot of user-friendly features. Sunflame RM1 comes with food-grade high quality non-stick coated cooking plate. It is easy to clean when you are done with roti making and to make it very easy to you; the RM1 comes with oil-free cooking. The roti maker is equipped with high quality thermostat for your safety, while the uniform heating method makes your roti’s perfectly done and prepared for eating.  The Sunflame RM1 will definitely be a good choice for you when you are looking for best roti maker in India.

 Check Prize On AmazonModelRM1ColorBlack & SilverTawa Size17.78 cmPurposeRoti MakerPower230 VWarranty2 Years


  • Food grade non-stick coating
  • Uniform heating
  • Thermostat for safety
  • Oil-free cooking
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Power-ON Indicators


The prestige PRM 4.0 comes with a stylish black finish with a contrast red lining and designed to stand vertically so that it saves your space. This compact model hardly takes up your space but offers you very functional features. The non-stick base ensures the round fluffy roti’s that doesn’t stick or cause uneasiness while you prepare. The ergonomically designed Power indicators and adjustable temperature control knobs are designed to make your roti-making easier and hassle free. The compact design with vertical storage plus shock proof body ensures both durability and safety. The Prestige roti maker, PRM 4.0 body is reinforced with high quality hard plastic which makes the device strong and long-lasting. On the whole, the Prestige PRM 4.0 makes a definite choice among the roti makers available in India.

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 Check Prize On FlipkartModelPRM 4.0ColorBlack & RedTawa Size20 cmPurposeRoti MakerPower230 VWarranty1 Year


  • Compact design with vertical storage
  • Winding power cord
  • Power indicators & Temperature control knobs
  • Food grade non-stick coating
  • Shock proof body


The Eveready has become integral part of the Indian lives through their batteries. Their range of kitchen appliances also keeps up to their brand quality. The Eveready RM1001 is made with dual coating elements for the purpose of uniform heating while the premium quality food grade non-stick coating ensures the food safety while preparing your roti’s or Uthappam. The RM1001, has a user-friendly handles for working that gives effortless usage for you. Another notable feature is that, the Eveready RM1001 is designed with a wider base so that you can try not only roti’s but Uthappam, Thepla etc. according to your preference. The user -friendly options like indicator lights, built-in thermostat and shock proof body ensures safety and durability. The Eveready Roti makers, RM1001 will surely fit in the needs of your roti maker.

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 Check Prize On FlipkartModelRM1001ColorSilver & BlackTawa Size17.78 cmPurposeMulti-UtilityPower230 VWarranty2 Years


  • Shock-proof
  • Comes with a wider base ideal for roti’s, Uthappam, thepla etc.
  • Dual heating element
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Power indicator lights
  • User-friendly large handles for ease of use
  • High quality Food grade non-stick coating


The Hilton multi-utility roti maker is ideal to prepare roti’s, paratha’s, omelette, Uthappam, dosa, papad to your likes. The Hilton brand roti maker features a food-grade non-stick surface which prevents the dough from sticking and requires less or no oil. The stainless-steel body renders high durability and long-lasting for your everyday use and moreover the Hilton Roti Maker comes in a compact size and doesn’t need much place to store. The sturdy Bakelite handles allows you to work without any hassle and it is easy to press the plates without getting any burns. Additionally, the Bakelite knob helps you to lift the top plate without difficulty. The auto switch-off feature lets the roti makers to off when it is not in use for long time. The Hilton multi-utility automatic roti maker will come in handy to you in case you need a good roti maker.

 Check Prize On AmazonModelHilton Multi -UtilityColorSilverTawa Size20 cmPurposeMulti-UtilityPower220-240VWarranty1 Year


  • Stainless-steel sturdy body with non-stick surface
  • Bakelite handles
  • Bakelite knob
  • Thermostatic control for temperature maintenance
  • Power-ON indicator
  • Accurate circumference
  • Auto-switch off


The pigeon roti maker has lots of benefits for the convenience of the users. It comes with vertical storage i.e., you can put it vertically in the available space. The roti maker comes with a sturdy base for good support while you are preparing roti’s. You have cord wrap for trouble free storing and winding purpose. The important aspect is, the roti maker is made with high quality and food grade 8” non-stick coating, so that you get uniform heating in no time.  Power and ready indicators, brushed stainless steel housing are additional features that comes handy. The pigeon roti maker assures a hassle free roti making in no time so nothing goes wrong in considering it among the list of best roti makers.

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 Check Prize On FlipkartModelPigeon 12376ColorBlack & RedTawa Size20.32 cmPurposeRoti MakerPower220 -240 VWarranty1 Year


  • 8” non stick coating for uniform heat distribution
  • Vertical storage for less space
  • Power On and ready indicators
  • Cord wrap storage and brushed stainless-steel housing


The eagle gold roti maker comes with very basic and simple features that can be used without any difficulty. The eagle roti maker comes with non-stick coating that ensures you don’t need oil at all and the roti’s are cooked easily and quickly. The shock proof sturdy body gives a good durability and protects against any voltage fluctuations. The neon indicator, dual heating feature of both top and bottom plates allows you to work easily and without hassle. It also fits in your budget. If you are looking for a simply good roti maker, then you can consider this choice for sure.

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 Check Prize On FlipkartModelEagle 001ColorSilver & BlackTawa Size20 cmPurposeMulti-UtilityPower200 – 240 VWarranty1 Year


  • Non-stick coatings
  • Uniform heating
  • Shock-proof & Stainless-steel sturdy body


Premium’s instant roti maker is one of the appliance that comes for good value of you money. The Premier Roti maker is suitable for making papad, omelette, and chapathi’s with no difficulty. You have an 8” inch diameter that suits well for big sized roti’s too. The stainless-steel non-stick coating is all food grade and of high quality so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the output. It’s simple yet more functional roti makers that are available. You can definitely include this to your list of best roti makers to choose from.

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 Check Prize On FlipkartModelPRM 01ColorSilver & BlackTawa Size20 cmPurposeMulti-UtilityPower230 VWarranty1 Year


  • Stainless-steel with non-stick coating
  • Requires no/less oil
  • 8” inch diameter to accommodate bigger roti’s
  • Easy to use with simple procedures
  • Power indicator


The VARSHINE range of roti makers comes with very functional and easy-to-use features like high quality stainless-steel, premium quality food-grade non-stick coating and uniformly heated plates. The sturdy handle helps you to press and work easily while preparing the roti’s. It is a heavy duty product and also very easy to use and handle.  It greatly fits into budget without straining your wallet, so the VARSHINE Roti maker is a good choice in choosing good roti makers for your kitchen.

 Check Prize On AmazonModelS – Gold 1400ColorSilverTawa Size20 cmPurposeRoti MakerPower230 VWarranty1 Year


  • Comes with Dough/Atta maker and measurement cups
  • Non-stick coating
  • Stainless-steel coating
  • Heavy duty support

Before you decide the best roti maker that suits your kitchen and home needs, don’t forget to read the following essential buying guide, tips and maintenance of roti makers and few important FAQ’s when it comes to roti makers.


Following are some of the important factors to consider before buying a roti maker. From power consumption to how properly the roti is made, there are many things to consider.

Power Consumption

Go for roti makers that consume on an average of 800-900 (W) of power with a voltage of around 200-250 (V). These power ranges are sufficient for a simple roti maker, even if you are using it for heavy duty.

Compact Size & Weight

All roti makers that are available in the market are of neat compact size. The main thing to consider is the weight. A roti maker is a simple kitchen appliance to be handled often with ease, so choose the one which has minimum weight. Heavy weighted roti maker will be difficult to handle in the kitchen space and requires work.

Power-On/Ready Indicator

Among other features, the reason for specifically mentioning the Power-ON/Ready option is that many people find it difficult to understand and confuse it with two factors namely ‘when the roti maker is actually ready to be used to make the roti’ and ‘when the roti maker is switched on’. Some roti makers turn the red light on when the device is switched ON and some turn the light ON when the device is ready to make roti by reaching the proper temperature.  If they have indicator/lights that differentiate the ‘ready to use’ and ‘switch ON’, it will be easy for you. Be particular in this option.


If there is one rule for a kitchen appliance, it is that ‘never compromise cost and quality’. A low price doesn’t mean that their quality will be less, but most of the times we tend to think that low cost and minimum quality is enough for a roti maker. Please do change this idea. A roti maker is a simple kitchen appliance, but still going for a high quality brand is very essential , so the price factor can be little more. Don’t hesitate. Buy the product that belongs to good quality yet reasonable price range.


Roti makers are one of the kitchen appliances that we buy to reduce our work, but they are not most essential. So do not invest so much of your money in a roti maker. Good product with the amount of worth INR 1500 – 2500 of your money is advisable.

Brand & Service

The brand plays an important role in purchasing a roti maker. The reason is, if you go for branded roti maker’s you can easily follow up if you get into any trouble. All major kitchen appliances have their authorized service centers across all major cities, towns and even villages. You also have brand authorized service persons who can deal with troubles of the kitchen appliances. If it’s a brand authorized dealer, you can avail the discounts or warranty/guarantee without any difficulty. If you prefer for lesser known brands, then make sure you have a good service facility where they can deal correctly, even if it’s a small screw to a big trouble.


Top brands to small brands whatever it maybe; every kitchen appliance has its limitation period. All products function well to certain period and beyond that consumers have to take extra measures to make sure that they work well for long. Roti maker is no exception. This is where the warranty and guarantee for a product comes into scene. A good 1-2 years of warranty/guarantee period is to be considered when you are going to choose the best roti maker for your kitchen.

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