Havells Max RO+ UV+ Mineralizer, 8 Ltr. RO Water Purifier (Review)

Havells Max is one of the best selling RO UV water purifiers in India. Before talking about Havells Max water purifier, first we will have a look at the causes and effects of water pollution.

Water contamination is the source of various diseases in India. You see a lot of people suffering from ailments like jaundice, diarrhoea, dysentery, and other gastrointestinal problems.

People in the rural areas depend on rivers, ponds, dug wells, and bore wells for their water requirements. The rapid industrialisation has resulted in many of these industries flouting safety norms and releasing industrial wastes into these water bodies.

Similarly, contamination by human and animal waste is also an area of significant concern. We shall now see the various causes of water pollution and their ill effects in a nutshell before going on to suggest ways to improve the quality of drinking water.

Table of Contents

  • Causes and effects of water pollution
  • Ways to solve the issue
  • 6-Stage or 7-Stage Purification
  • Havells Max RO UV water purifier Review
    • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Wrap Up

Causes and effects of water pollution

Natural causesHuman wastesIndustrial wasteAgricultural reasons

Ways to solve the issue

Purification of drinking water is the only solution to this issue. Boiling water before use can help in killing the microbes and bacteria. However, it does not remove the TDS and heavy metals that can prove equally harmful. You need specialised treatment like RO (Reverse Osmosis) and UV (Ultraviolet) to nullify the effect of these contaminants.

Hence, you see an increase in the use of high-quality water purifiers like Havells Max RO UVwater purifiers. Before going into the individual review, we shall look at the methods that these water purifiers use to purify water and make it safe for drinking.

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6-Stage or 7-Stage Purification

The modern-day water purifiers employ the 6-stage or 7-stage water purification process. Here is the process in brief.Sediment FilterActivated Carbon filtersRO MembraneUV Filtration

The water source can contain visible impurities like mud and other large contaminants that can harm the functioning of the intricate parts of the appliance like the RO membrane. The sediment filter fitted outside the machine ensures to eliminate these impurities.


The RO purification process eliminates not only the harmful TDS but also the essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and so on. Therefore, the resultant pure water does not have a good taste. You need to replenish the mineral content for the water to be effective. Some of the water purifiers use TDS controllers whereas the Havells Max RO UV water purifieruses the Mineraliser concept.

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Post Activated carbon filters

These filters remove traces of VOCs and bad odour from the resultant pure water.

Ultra Filtration

Some of the water purifiers in the market use an additional sediment filtration process known as Ultra Filtration. The pores of this UF membrane are minute and help in trapping the smallest of microbes and other contaminants.

Here is the review of the Havells Max RO UV water purifier system.

Havells Max RO UV water purifier Review

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Havells manufactures some of the most reliable consumer durable appliances of which the water purifier is one. The Havells Max RO UV water purifier can purify all kinds of input source water. Here are the features in brief.

  • 7-stage water purification method that includes RO, UV, and Mineraliser
  • Mineralz Cartridge corrects the pH value of water thereby making it pure and healthy
  • Revitaliser concept to make the water easy for absorption into the body
  • iProtect Purification Monitoring system to monitor the purification process
  • Advanced security systems to ensure that the appliance does not trip in case of electrical outages

We shall now discuss the features in detail and see how they help in making the water safe for drinking.

100% safety

This water purifier uses Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet purification methods to ensure the elimination of harmful TDS, heavy metal residue, bacteria, viruses, microbes, and cysts. The water passes through the RO membrane first followed by the UV chamber.

Mineralz Cartridge

The resultant pure water from the RO process does not contain the essential minerals because the RO purification process cannot distinguish between good and bad minerals. The Mineralz cartridge replenishes the loss of essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. It also corrects the pH value of water thereby making it palatable.

Revitaliser Concept

Our body needs to absorb the water molecules to enable better hydration. The revitaliser restructures the water molecules and makes them biologically active thereby hydrating them and helping in the easy absorption into the body.

iProtect Purification Monitoring

This innovative concept monitors the purification process on a continuous basis. It ensures that you get pure water at all times.

Electrical Protection

The electric voltage can fluctuate thereby causing harm to the electrical circuit inside the water purifier. The Havells Max RO UV water purifiers come with an electrical protection system that allows the appliance to perform well in the voltage range of 170 to 330 Volts. The system also ensures the tripping of the electric current if the voltage goes beyond this range. Hence, it protects the machine from short circuits.

Compact design

This device has a compact design with a 3-way wall mounting system. It has the flexibility of corner mounting because of its unique shape. You can also use the appliance as a table-top device.

High-quality faucet

The unique zero-splash faucet ensures a smooth flow of water thereby helping in maintaining hygiene.

Smart Alerts

The modern-day water purifiers have safety features like purification alerts, tank-full alert, pump failure alerts, and so on.

Protection Tank Cover

This system comes with an innovative ingress protection tank cover that helps in keeping out the insects and dust particles.

Ample storage

The Havells Max water purifier has an 8-litre storage tank that serves to store adequate water for an average Indian family. The best aspect of this storage tank is that you can remove and clean it periodically.

Quality after sales service

Havells has a reputation for providing prompt after-sales service. You can also take advantage of the Smart Care Extended Warranty Plan. It saves you the cost of unexpected failures. There are qualified engineers from the company to service the appliance at periodic intervals. Pros

  • 7-stage water purification process that includes RO and UV, the best methods in the industry today
  • Availability of Mineraliser to replenish the minerals lost in the purification process
  • Revitaliser concept to improve water hydration and absorption in the body
  • Electrical protection to protect the appliance from voltage fluctuations
  • Ample storage
  • Smart alerts to indicate the proper functioning of the water purifier


  • The extended warranty costs money. Hence, buyers should know this aspect before purchasing the appliance
  • This machine does not have a TDS controller. However, the Mineralz cartridge is an effective one.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Wrap Up

The quality of source water in India is unsatisfactory because of various reasons. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise caution and ensure that your family gets pure and healthy water to drink. The Havells Max RO UV water purifier is an excellent choice as it uses the most advanced purification methods to ensure the supply of pure water to drink.

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