Best Coffee Makers In India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A coffe maker can be an integral part of your kitchen, especially if you love fresh roasty coffees. Buying the best coffee maker for your home can be a difficult and time-consuming job especially if you are going to do it for the very first time.

But you don’t worry, you are in the right place. We have shortlisted the best ones and provided concise information about each of them. For the same, we tested 30 models, undergone 82 hours of research, and interviewed 4 experts.

After the list of the best coffee makers we have also written a buying guide which will help you to choose the best one as per your need and choice.

Our Choice

Product Editors choice   Runner Up   Budget pick   Name Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker and Travel Mug Morphy Richards New Europa 800-Watt Espresso and Cappuccino Philips HD7431/20 700-Watt Coffee Maker” Pros Easy to clean, Fast, Can make hot or cold or any other coffee recipe, Gives a good amount of froth, Mug is durable Easy to use Coffee strength selector, You get an excellent foam, Filters are great Easy to clen and use Coffee strength can be selected by the minimizing or maximizing using the drip stop, Filter works great, Good capacity Cons You can make one cup of coffee at once You have to be careful with the carafe as it slips sometimes The coffee maker makes loud noise when few last droplets of coffee are left Buy Now Check Price Check Price Check Price

Best Coffee Makers

Product NameCapacityCategoryWarrantyCheck Price

Nova NSG 2449 1000 Watt Panini Sandwich Grill Maker 1000 W2 large sandwiches1year

Check Price

Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker 820 W2 small to medium1 year

Check Price

Prestige PGMFB 800 Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster 800 W2 large to medium1year

Check Price

Nova NSG 2439 700 Watt Panini Sandwich Grill Maker 700 W2 large to medium1 year

Check Price

Pigeon 12283 750-Watt Sandwich Toaste 750 W2 small6 months

Check Price

1. Nescafe E Smart Coffee Maker  – Best Smart Coffee Maker

  Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker and Travel Mug

  • É by NESCAFÉ is a first of its kind, smart, app-enabled coffee maker
  • Pair via Bluetooth with NESCAFÉ É Connected Mug App for personalised experience
  • Enjoy a wide variety of indulgent coffee recipes at the touch of a button and This trendy, 100% leak & spill proof mug let’s…

  Check Price

E by Nescafe is the smartest new generation on the go coffee maker. It comes first in our list due to ease of use, portability, and its efficiency. Interestingly, it teaches you a new way of making your coffee using your smartphone. E Smart comes with a portable sleek 210ml travel mug and a small device that you have to fit your mug on. You have to connect the device with your phone, add milk, sugar, and coffee in the mug and within 1-3 minutes your coffee would be ready. The mug is made of stainless steel and is double insulated to lock the heat inside. You also get a leakproof lid along with it.

We tested it personally and found the coffee maker is efficient to make any kind of hot or cold frothy coffee within minutes. You can also choose a recipe of your own and prepare one of your favourite roasty toasty blend on the go like espresso, latte, etc. The mug in which the coffee is prepared is portable and looks exactly like a travel mug. So, there is no hassle of transferring your coffee to a mug before leaving your home.

Lastly, the entire device looks sturdy and durable and will surely last you long. We recommend you this one if you are an absolute coffee lover and absolutely like the hassle of preparing a coffee and then transferring it to a mug.


  • Double insulated Stainless steel  mug
  • Works with the mobile app
  • The capacity of mug is 210ml

Things We Like

  • Easy to clean
  • Fast
  • Can make hot or cold or any other coffee recipe
  • Gives a good amount of froth
  • Mug is durable

Things We Don’t Like

  • You can make one to two cup of coffee at once

2. Morphy Richards New Europa 800-Watt Espresso and Cappuccino – Best Espresso Coffee maker

SALE   Morphy Richards New Europa 800-Watt Espresso and Cappuccino

  • Makes espresso, cappuccino and latte coffee
  • Makes 4 cups of coffee
  • Steam and coffee strength selector. Overheat protection for safety that automatically makes the machine enter into…

  Check Price

If you have are a couple or a family 2-5 people, we recommend this one for you. And also if you are a die hard of espresso/cappuccion. This comes from a well known home applicance brand Morphy Richards.

Along with the coffee machine, you also get a glass carafe to collect the coffee. You can easily collect 4-5 cups of coffee at once in this. We were amazed to see the filtering job done by this best coffee maker in India. It also comes with 2 stainless steel cup filters which filter the extracts efficiently giving you the smoothest consistent coffee at all times. Another feature that we liked is the coffee strength selector. Few people love the light and a few love the strong taste, the machine has an option for everyone. With the strength selector, you can prepare as per your taste buds. Irrespective of the strength selected by you, the froth and foam would be good enough. For maintaining the foam the machine is equipped with a turbo cappuccino nozzle.

Lastly, the machine works great passes a good amount of steam and is fit for a family of 3-5 people.


  • Espresso and cappuccino mode
  • Comes with carafe and a removable drip tray
  • Comes with 2 stainless steel filter
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

Things We Like

  • Easy to use
  • Coffee strength selector
  • You get an excellent foam
  • Filters are great

Things We Don’t Like

  • You have to be careful with the carafe as it slips sometimes

3. Philips HD7431/20 700-Watt Coffee Maker – Best Budget-Friendly Coffee Maker

SALE   Philips HD7431/20 700-Watt Coffee Maker

  • Drip stop to interrupt coffee brewing whenever you like
  • Ease of cleaning, maintenance and dishwasher-safe parts
  • Non slip fee and illuminated power switch

  Check Price

Philips is a well known brand when it comes to electrical appliances and so is this one from them. Philips coffee maker is a drip kind of best coffee maker for home with some quality features. The black body of its look classy and is sure to be a show stopper in your kitchen. It comes with a 700ml carafe and a detachable filter. The carafe is big enough to hold 3-4 cup of coffee.

In our test, we found that this best coffee machine takes has a brewing time of 10 minutes and in one go it can prepare 3-4 cup of coffee easily. Nonetheless, if you want to have a light coffee you are always free to drip stop brewing this will stop the brewing and will give light roasted coffee as per your preference.

We also love the fact that the parts are machine washable and the entire device is very easy to clean. Further, its compact size makes it easy to fit in any corner shelf or area of your kitchen. On the whole, we would consider as a cheap and best coffee maker for Indian homes.


  • Carafe size 0.7 litres
  • Comes with detachable filter
  • Drip stop
  • Brewing time is 6 minutes
  • Comes with 2-year warranty

Things We Like

  • Easy to clen and use
  • Coffee strength can be selected by minimising or maximizing using the drip stop
  • Filter works great
  • Good capacity

Things We Don’t Like

  • The coffee maker makes loud noise when few last droplets of coffee are left

4. InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker – Best French Press Coffee maker

SALE   Insta Cuppa French Coffee Maker

  • MEASUREMENT MARKINGS – with the help of water level markings on our glass carafe, brew your coffee to perfection in less than…
  • NO MORE CLOUDY COFFEE – our french press coffee pot is fitted with a 4 part superior filtration system and ensures little to…
  • BUILT FOR DURABILITY – our coffee plunger is made from premium grade 18/8 stainless steel and extra tough borosilicate glass…

  Check Price

If you want instant espresso in a low price than this is the best french press coffee maker in an affordable range.Instant cuppa makes freshly brewed coffee within three to four minutes. It is a french press coffee maker with a four-part filtration system to grind until your coffee is fully brewed. In our test we found, it takes 4-5minutes to brew the coffee perfectly with no leftover grinds. Be rest sure assured that the machine is highly durable. The plunger is made from premium grade 18/8 stainless steel and tough borosilicate glass carafe which won’t break or wear off easily. You can use it regularly as many times as you want without. There is heat resistant handle which makes sure to give you a safe coffee making time always.

Another feature that grabbed our attention is its multi-utility. You can use it as a pitcher, milk frother, green tea brewer, and a coffee/espresso maker. It’s actually amazing to get so many things in a nominal price.

The overall design of the maker is sleek and elegant. It looks like a shining glass jug with highly polished stainless steel. Moreover, it’s very easy to clean and is dishwasher safe also.


  • Stainless steel and borosilicate body
  • 4 part filter mechanism
  • Comes with 1 year warranty

Things We Like

  • Easy to clen and use
  • 4 in 1 usage
  • Durable
  • Space saving design

Things We Don’t Like

  • Can make only 2 glass of coffee at once

5. Prestige PCMD 1.0 650-Watt Drip Coffee Maker – Best Affordable Coffee Machine For Home

  Prestige PCMD 1.0 650-Watt Drip Coffee Maker

  • Content: Prestige Electric Drip Coffer Maker- Pcmd 1.0
  • Net Quantity: 1 Unit
  • Voltage: 230V; Wattage: 650W

  Check Price

If you are looking for adecent quality coffee machine for your home than this can be a budget-friendly option. This is also a good option if you love south Indian style filter coffee.

Prestige drip coffee maker comes with a 650watt motor with advanced design mesh filter and an anti-drip mechanism. It has an advanced brewing technology to make the perfect cup of coffee at home anytime any day. We found out that the thick mesh filters give the perfect decoction to give the authentic taste of south Indian coffee. It takes around 10-15 minutes to brew 2-4 cups of coffee at once.

For easy usage, it comes with a drip vent to avoid spillage, brew basket with handle, and a steam vent for safety. You also get a glass carafe along with it that can hold 3-4 cups of coffee.

Lastly, the design is sleek and elegant it can fit in any corner area or shelf of your kitchen.


  • Anti-drip valve
  • Safety steam vent
  • Frothing function
  • Comes with 1 year warranty

Things We Like

  • Safety features
  • Makes perfect filter coffee
  • Frothing function
  • Compact size

Things We Don’t Like

  • Carafe is very delicate

Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Coffe Meaker For Your Home

Its diffiuclt to choose a product without knowing your actual requirement and the same case applies with the best coffeee maker. You cannot go with the right option if you don’t know what are its basic features that you should for before selecting one and your actual requirement.

If you are sailing in the same boat, we have a buying guide for you. This will help you to know about the product and thereby take the right decision. So, let’s get started with the buying guide.

1. Capacity

This is important for everybody. If you are a bachelor or a couple all the products listed above will suit you. But if you are a family of 3-5 people than you need to grab on something that makes 2-4 cups of coffee at once otherwise making coffee for the entire family would be a tedious task for you.Therefore, we advise you to look for your capacity requirements and then choose the one that fits your requirement.

2. Ease Of Use

The coffee maker is easy to use, it is not at all a rocket science. You need to follow few steps and your coffee would be ready. A few machines are fully automatic they stop on their own after the selected brewing time is over and a few are super smart like the latest E-Nescafe.For people who are supre busy and are least interested in standing spending time in making coffeeNescafé É Smart Coffee Maker and Travel Mug is the best option. It is the easiest best coffee maker for home. Although a bit pricey but an absolute worth buy for coffee lovers who want on the go coffee.

3. Filters

It is essential for the coffee maker to have good filters. Good quality filters not only aid in brewing but also give the rich roasty taste and aroma to the coffee. Without a good filter, a coffee maker can’t do a good job.

Most of the machines come with filter baskets that are removable. You need to fill them with coffee and after usage clean them thoroughly. These filter baskets don’t need any replacement but do require maintenance and is a bit hard to clean them. On the contrary,y a few coffee makers come with paper filters that need to be replaced frequently which increase the cost.We suggest you go for built-in detachable filter baskets as they are hassle-free and require zero-maintenance.

4. Category

Indians usually prefer milk in their latte or cappuccino but there is a growing trend of black coffee drinkers too. So, it is crucial to indetify your category.

Different coffee makers are meant for different purposes like espresso, cappuccino. If you love all of them go for Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker and Travel Mug as it can prepare any kind of latte, espresso, cappuccino. Otherwise, decide your category and then go accordingly.

There is a wide range of options. There are few coffee makers that can do all kinds of coffee and there are some which specialize in one or the other form. So make sure that you research well into your taste and preferences before heading with your purchase.

5. Additional Features

The coffee maker comes with few user-friendly features like strength collector, safety features, drip controller, temperature, and dishwasher safe. All these features are desirable and are always convenient to use.Strength selector will help you to choose the coffee strength as per your choice, drip controller to select the capacity, and control the coffee amount, and dishwasher safe to help in cleaning.

6. Price

The price is a personal preference. It’s a one-time investment so you need to be careful with your purchase. It’s always good to invest in a good price, quality, and multiple-feature appliances.So, we suggest you choose your specifications, go through our buying guide, and then decide your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. Which Coffee makers make the hottest coffees?

All the coffee makers are efficient and make hot coffees. They do so by using the electricity which brews the coffee and thus provides hotness to it. So, overall every coffee maker will surely give you hot coffee whether you prepare latte, espresso, or cappuccino.

Q. Can You Use Coffee Makers For Home/Restaurants?

Yes, you can surely use the coffee makers for home or restaurants. The coffee makers made for the restaurant are absolutely same the only difference is the quantity they can serve a high quantity when compared to the coffee makers used at home but in quality they are almost the same.

The coffee makers for homes are portable, occupy less space, capable of brewing fresh coffee, and are easy to use. They give the same coffee quality as you get in the popular cafes like starbucks, costa coffee, or cafe coffee day. Our team tested and felt the coffee made by these machines is far more hygienic, fresh, and quality wise good when compared to the coffee served at the famous chain cafes.

Q. Who Can Use A Coffee Maker?

Using a coffee maker is extremely easy. It’s not at all a rocket science. You just need to on the machine, put coffee, water, and milk if you wish to and the rest of the work is done by the machine. You don’t need to stand and keep an eye on what is happening. You just have to leave the ingredients in the machine, the machine brews in few minutes and thus prepares on the go coffee.Anybody can use it from your grandparets, to husbands, to teenagers. They are quiet safe to use and easy to clean.

Q. Can Coffee maker boil water?

Yes, you can boil water in a coffee maker. For this, you have to pour the water into the reservior and turn the machine on until the water is boiled. If you wish to you can also keep a tea bag inside the water. This way you can even prepare your tea using a coffee maker.

Q. How Long It Takes To Prepare A Coffee in a coffee maker?

A coffee maker takes hardly few minutes to prepare a coffee, latte, espresso, or cappuccino. In the normal style coffee makers you can get a freshly brewed coffee in five to seven minutes depending on the quantiy and the time for brweing.

In the latest coffee makers, almost all th type of coffees get ready hardly 60-130 seconds. They are super fast and that is why loved by coffee lovers who wants instant freshly prpepared coffee at all times.

Final Talk

Making your day pleasant with the freshly brewed coffee can never be so easy without the best coffee maker. A coffee maker is an absolute portable and compact device. You can take it to your home or office or wherever you wish too if you are a coffee lover.

The only key to make the perfect freshly brewed coffee is grabbing a quality coffee maker. A quality coffee maker is one that brews perfectly, easy to use, and has customizable attachments and options, and also a good price. To know all these considerations you need to go through our buying guide.

Our buying guide will help you list your requirements, features that you should look for, and the category that suits you. After segregating all the requirements move to the product list, take a glance at all the products and then choose the one that fits you.

All the products in our list are thoroughly tested for the prime features and are absolute worth buy. You won’t find any product that is over-priced or is just hyped. Instead, our list is curated for quality and customer satisfaction. So, go through it and select the one that you love. Till then, happy shopping.

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